The less than 1% of refugees that made it to the U.S. are living in squalor and undignified housing.

The smallest amount of help makes a HUGE difference in the lives of refugees that fled to the U.S. Please donate what you can and watch your money change the lives of one family at a time. Save One. Save a Generation.

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Eyes On Refugees has identified a need once the refugees have been in the U.S. for 3 months. They come to our organization living in complete destitution, not knowing how to navigate through the system and often time they have unknowingly let their government benefits lapse because they didn't know what was required. We have met hungry refugees here.

We also have seen the utter squalor that local refugees are living in.These humans come without a landlord reference and credit so they are relegated to renting less than desirable houses at market value which is an abomination.

The refugees that have made it this far in their quest for safety and dignity are less than 1% from the ME that will make it this far. These humans come with education, skills and were middle class in their homeland before the war.They are a gift to our country and by empowering them, Eyes On Refugees has seen 5 families since we started our Refugee Model in January 2017.

The model can bring an eager family to independence within 6months and at this point the family is just receiving continuation of English lessons.

Our motto is: Save One. Save A Generation. We are not a large NGO but we are passionate about taking one family at a time and empowering them to success in the U.S.