Save One. Save a Generation.

Their journeys have often begun on perilous boat rides across the sea, smuggled, walking tirelessly, taking whatever the season and the terrain threw their way. These determined families endured all of this to become OUR neighbors.

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Save One. Save a Generation.

Eyes On Refugees has identified a need once the refugees have been in the U.S. for approximately three months. They come to our organization living in complete destitution, not knowing how to navigate the system

The refugees that have made it this far in their quest for safety and dignity are less than 1% from the ME that will make it here to Massachusetts, USA. These humans arrive skilled and educated; most were middle to upper class in their homeland before the war. They are a gift to our country and by empowering them, we are tapping into an invaluable resource. We have so much to gain as they enrich our lives and become interwoven into the fabric of our communities.

In October 2016, we began our first pilot program in which we placed a homeless Syrian family of four in a host home for three months. Along the way, a model developed that showed the steps of empowerment which guided the new neighbors and the host family to help each other. By the end of the three months the new neighbors were ready to venture out on their own and get their own apartment, had job skilled employment, had the knowledge of budgeting, banking, credit and education down and were hooked up with continued ELL education. They found subsidized housing in Westford, MA and have been successfully adapting to and participating in their new community.

Since then, your generous donations went to a family of seven from Dar'a Syria and within five months of being in a host's home, were able to find a place to rent in Carlisle, MA. Our next family is a lovely family from Iraq with three children, the father an electrician in Iraq was now working for a car service. He had fallen far behind on rent and was close to eviction. With your help we were able to find public housing and get him an apprenticeship with an electrician and he is taking classes at a community collage. They live in Concord, MA, and his children are enrolled in school there and love it!

We had another family from Syria, in which the father was paralyzed from the waist down. He was living in a fourteen step walk up apartment without an elevator. With your donations we were able to place him in a ADHA compliant apartment of his choosing in a neighborhood that had embraced him and his family. He now has an electric wheelchair a special bed and a modified car for him to take his children to school. The family lives happily in Worcester.

Then we have the widow who came along that has stolen everyone's heart. She is vivacious, determined, smart and sweet. She lost her husband tragically in Syria and just came to the U.S. five months ago. She came homeless with her young children and finally was brought into the fold of our organization. With YOUR donations we have been able to offer her dignified, furnished housing in a Westford where her children are enrolled in school as we wait for her apartment to be vacated and ready for her to move in. This woman is well educated and already employed and starts her new job the day after she moves into her apartment. The road has been very shaky for her and her children and she longs for the stability that will come with permanent housing and a job.

For each of the above families spoken of above, there are 20-30 more families waiting behind them for our help. We have a screening system and a contractual agreement that outlines what they can expect from our organization and what we expect of our new neighbors. The contract is on a timeline so a family comes with their unique set of circumstances and can move through the timeline anywhere between three months to a year or more. ELL continues with the family as the English language cannot be mastered so quickly.

The contract ends with the agreement that the new neighbor who is now independent will pay it forward by volunteering time, or a skill in order to help empower the next family in line waiting to come into our fold. By that part of the contract we are getting smiles and vehement nods of heads from the family with emphatic answers of "InshAllah."

Our motto is simple: Save One. Save A Generation. We are not a large NGO but we are passionate about taking one family at a time and empowering them to success in the U.S.

*Eyes On Refugees is non discriminatory, not affiliated with religion and will help anyone, from anywhere in the world, that needs help locally. We are apolitical and love all humans. Now, would you please pass the sugar? ;)

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